Thursday, March 12, 2009

Court Grants Cert in Jones et al. v. Harris Associates, L.P.

This week the Supreme Court granted certiorari in Jones, et al. v. Harris Associates, L.P. In deciding the case (which concerns whether mutual fund shareholders can sue their financial advisers for charging excessive fees which made their losses worse) the Court will tackle competing opinions from Judge Easterbrook and Judge Posner on law and economics.

Chicago-Kent's own Professor William Birdthistle, who served as counsel of record for and authored a brief of amici curiae with several other law professors weighs in through a series of posts over at The Conglomerate. Professor Birdthistle offers insight on the case, and the ideologies of both Judges. His opinions, and others, after the jump.

Professor William Birdthistle:
Will the Supreme Court Save Our Savings?
Chief Judge Easterbrook and Classical Law & Economics
Judge Posner and Behavioral Law & Economics

Professor Birdthistle has more in his series of posts, so stay tuned at The Conglomerate.

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